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FPJ : Hagedorn

Hagedorn / Philippine Movie VCD

Hagedorn / Philippine Movie VCD

Art-Nr.: FIVCD-H-01

Fernando Poe, Jr. - Sharmaine Arnaiz -Jun Aristorenas - Bob Soler - Dante Rivero - Paquito Diaz - Jorge Estregan - Dick Israel

His devotion to his duty is nonpareil. His heart listens to the murmurs of his subordinates. He loves people. He loves his service. But he is a ruthless advocate of peace and justice. When he was wronged for downing a high-ranking police officer, he was easily locked in jail by his archrivals. The antemortem statement that should have cleared his name falls into unsrupulous hands only dimming his chance of clearing his name. One good cop against a whole block of bad cops. A story of dignity of labor. Of honor and humility. Edward Hagedorn is a true-to-life depiction of a simple man whose commitment to duty and service to his fellowen still serve to this day a paragon. Genre : Drama Copyright 2002 Viva Video Inc.

hagedorn.jpg Hagedorn - VIVA VIDEO

His dedication to his duty is unrivaled. His heart listens to the clamor of his people. He, too, is a steadfast defender of justice and peace. His uncompromising stand winds him admirers, but it also earns him enemies who will stop at nothing just to see him fall. He is Edward Hagedorn, public servant, social and environmental activist, mayor of Puerto Princesa City. And this is his story.

Click to enlargepadA City Mayor...His people...
in the power game of politics.

Cast (in credits order)
Ricky Davao .... Edward Hagedorn
Rio Locsin

Joel Torre

Roy Alvarez

Subas Herrero

Jim Figueroa

Directed by
Gil Portes
Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
Clodualdo Del Mundo Jr.

Production Companies

Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino / Tagalog
Color: Color